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Meet our Founder

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

 “Girl Fight” represents the challenges we face daily and the drive we have inside all of us to want to succeed… I call this our inner “Girl Fight”!

Hello! I’m Kathy James, the Founder and CEO of Girl Fight. I am first and foremost a mom of three amazing young men to whom are my world. I am a city girl living the country life chasing chickens in my home state, Virginia and I love front porch sitting watching the stars in the night sky on my little piece of paradise.


I am a goof ball by nature, and I own it like a badge of honor. It keeps things interesting… even if I am laughing at myself most of the time. Well, enough about me… let’s talk about Girl Fight! Girl Fight, or the idea of it has been in my heart for about 14+ years now and if I am being perfectly honest, I finally started to take actionable steps towards making this dream a reality while I was also seeking out personal therapy. Yup! You read that right, I was seeing a therapist. 


I bring up the fact that I was in therapy not because I have anything to prove, but because I am proud that I sought out the help that I needed because at one point in my past life I refused change and I found myself very unhappy. For this reason, I now in turn refuse to allow my imperfections to keep me from changing, growing, and from being happy. My hope is that others will be encouraged by my honesty and will be inspired to experience the same. 


My passion to support and help young women is driven by my past. A past of abuse, family addictions, deep-rooted anger, depression, and self-sabotaging habits. I choose to make myself vulnerable by sharing my experiences (the good and the bad) because I believe that my story will encourage someone who may need to hear that they aren’t alone, that they are loved, that there is hope and that they can experience healing and happiness too.

Today, Girl Fight offers mentorship, skills development training, personal development workshops and more! It is my deepest desire to provide these program offerings to the community in hopes that we can catapult our young people towards the peace, towards the happiness and towards the destiny they deserve! 

I decided to start therapy because I had been experiencing anxiety and a large flux of stress. The stress had begun to negatively affect my personal life, so I sought out help from a professional. During this time, I found the aid that I needed to get back on track, and I also decided that I would finally do what I knew made me the happiest… helping others and more specifically, helping women. Hence, Girl Fight was born! 


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