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Giving the gift of Hope...

Girl Fight is holding its first annual Christmas sponsorship program. 

This December Girl Fight and its affiliates will sponsor several ladies from our local community with surprise gifts for Christmas 2021. We are currently seeking sponsors and will announce how nominations will be reviewed and accepted in the near future.

Girl's gift exchange to inspire hope from one survivor to another
Giving the Gift of Hope!

A few program details:

Ladies will be nominated by the local Peninsula, VA community (YOU) to receive a few special Christmas gifts! Gifts will be delivered to the nominee’s home before December 25th. Opportunities to nominate will open in the coming weeks. If you are considering nominating a lady, stay tuned and check Girl Fights Facebook page to learn more.

Nominees should be located within the Virginia Peninsula area and meet one or all the below criteria:

  1. Your nominee is someone who works extra hard to ensure that her family is cared for and that they have a special holiday knowing she will likely not receive anything in return due to circumstances beyond her control (i.e.: single mothers, financial hardships, no local family, etc.).

  2. Your nominee volunteers her time and money to care for others (including strangers) without expecting anything in return and often, does not.

Kindly consider becoming a sponsor of one or more ladies this year. Reach out to Girl Fight using the Connect Link or via Facebook messenger for more information.

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