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Insecure Much!?

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

You are so insecure! Why are you acting so insecure?

Let’s be honest, being labeled as insecure is not exactly a flattery… Am I right? In fact, some of you, like me, have had someone you cared about and trusted call you insecure and often times, they used it as a way to hurt, manipulate and to control you so naturally, we immediately want to reject the idea. The HARD TRUTH IS… some of us truly are insecure and we just don’t want to admit it.

Not to say that the manipulation is acceptable, because it most certainly is NOT! … but I definitely know for a fact that I AM INSECURE! … well at least I WAS. I still have insecurities, true, but at one point in my past, insecurities ruled my life.

I felt insecure about my body, my relationships, and my own capabilities. I questioned everyone and everything around me because I WAS in fact insecure! Someone pointing the ugly truth finger at me didn’t change anything. In fact, it only fueled my insecurities more.

I grew up in an environment surrounded by alcohol, drugs, and mental and physical abuse and my parents always choose their lovers and the party life over their own children. This environment was a breeding ground for insecurities and as if that wasn’t enough, I started exploring sex at a ripe young age of 14, had my first son at 16, and had many broken relationships before I married my first husband at 19. To top all of that off, I couldn’t read past an eighth-grade reading level at 25 years old and couldn’t hold a decent job.

I felt inadequate, broken, and I became really good at pushing everyone around me away so that I could avoid the sting of rejection. These insecurities ruled my life in the form of anger and although I did eventually start to make actionable efforts towards improving my life and my thinking, these insecurities didn't just go away. I tried everything… with the exception of admitting that I WAS insecure and attacking the root cause head on.

If you had to describe me during those years, you probably would have said that I WAS unstable, shaky, and liable to break… the very definition of insecure. I trusted no one and used anger and rage to “protect” myself… so I thought.

Many of my past insecurities have now become some of my greatest strengths, but it wasn’t until I became willing to question my own thinking, my own intentions and my way of life in order to fight against my insecurities that I was able to begin to heal and to be the happiest than I have ever been!

If you find that you can relate, I would love to hear from you. We are always looking to make new friends and would love to fight by your side and show our support! You don’t have to do it alone!

Drop a comment below to keep the conversation going and feel free to share your own personal experiences with battling insecurities of your own. We believe in you! I believe in you!

Now… who’s ready to get their Girl Fight on?

Kathy James

Founder of Girl Fight


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