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Maybe You Can Relate

Have you watched the new Netflix series, Maid?... OMG! Wow! Boy did this series pull at ALL my heart strings!

For those of you that haven't, Maid follows a young single mother named Alex who sets out on her own to find a job, provide shelter, food, and childcare for her toddler after breaking up with her increasingly controlling and aggressive boyfriend. It is a powerful series that many across the nation has expressed as relatable... including myself!

So much about Alex’s challenges felt like a mirror reflection of the struggles I faced as a single mother and young wife. It feels like it was only yesterday that I was chasing down organizations and applying for financial assistance because, like Alex, my hourly wage was not going to cut it as a single mother of a young baby. I spent countless hours making phone calls, driving from place to place across town, completing applications, waiting and explaining my financial situation over and over again and feeling utterly helpless!

My financial struggles did not change much with marriage. In fact, my husband at the time, and I would struggle for many years. We robbed Peter to pay Paul on many occasions and found ourselves needing aid with food and gas often. We eventually did increase our income, but we still lived from paycheck to paycheck, never being able to pay our negative debt or to save for unexpected circumstances like a car breaking down or a medical bill, thus inquiring more debt.

It was draining and overwhelming to the say the least.

Looking back, I am thankful for those days and for the help that I received during those years. These struggles helped shape me into the strong, independent, and caring woman that I am today. I now choose to use these struggles as fuel for my future goals because I now know that nothing is impossible for me as long as I remain willing to make some difficult yet necessary changes and stay consistent.

I am proud that I sought out the help that I needed to educate myself and that I did eventually pay down my debts and that I even eventually purchased my first home as a single divorced mom, goals I never would have thought were attainable.

Many of you can relate to similar struggles. Some of you relate to Alex because you’ve been there, done that and can say that you’ve overcome, yet there are countess of other women (and men) that can say that this is still very much their current realities.

Girl Fight exists to be the support system that the Alex’s of the world need to help them fight for their goals and dreams no matter what their current circumstances look like. I want Girl Fight to connect women with the right resources and tools that will educate them in areas of finance, abuse, grief, anxiety and more with hopes that we can encourage, uplift, and potentially lighten burdens.

After-all, the writer of this amazing series did not decide to write the script for our pure entertainment… No! To the contrary. The writer choose to write this television series as a call to action to its viewers... To ME and to YOU! The question is, who will accept that call?

If you felt that tugging on your heart after watching this series, but just aren’t sure how or what you can do to help, then I urge you to consider partnering with Girl Fight. Girl Fight seeks to grow a support system full of resources and tools that will help women like Alex, like myself, or like you. YOUR story... YOUR life experiences can change lives if you allow them to. If helping other women interests you, then I would love to explore how we can link arms to do just that!

Most importantly, if you think Girl Fight has or can assist you or someone you love in any way, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you also!

Now… who wants to get their Girl Fight on?!

Author, Kathy James

Girl Fight CEO

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