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There's No Shame in My Game!

At the beginning of last year until about mid-year, I had started to experience a large flux of stress and found myself becoming very impatient and easily angered. So much so that it was negatively trickling over to my romantic relationship, to my boys, and even to my closest of friends. I felt that I was about to break, and I was feeling empty inside… longing for a deeper purpose and to strengthen my relationships.

My evenings I would come home arguing with my boys over simple things like the dishes and things that were out of my personal control. I felt trapped with no direction. One evening during a time of self-reflection and if I’m being honest, a little pouting, I recalled another time in my past that I had felt out of control and helpless.

Reflecting, I considered the things that had aided me before:

- Positive influences

- Mentorship

- Professional therapy

- Activities that gave me purpose

As I pondered on these things, I realized that I needed to readjust my lifestyle yet again. I was at a crossroads and changes needed to be made. Realizing that I could not change my external circumstances or those around me, I sought out to find aid in how I could improve myself instead.

Not wasting any time, I started making phone calls to local professional therapists and I started confiding in trusted loved ones for their support.

Initially, I would find many roadblocks. Many therapists were slammed with no openings because of the flux of stress during the COVID pandemic, but instead of giving up I kept searching. It took me weeks and weeks of consistent calling and persistence before I was able to find a therapist and book an appointment. I was determined to remain consistent, and I fought for what I knew would ultimately help me to regain control over my emotions.

Having made the decision to go back to therapy was the first step in the right direction for improving my mental status and my relationships. Much of my time thereafter my therapist and I would spend time talking through my emotions, collaborating, and planning how to approach each of them individually.

Over time I felt more confident and less out of control. I was able to talk through the feelings I had been having with loved ones, developed a strong plan to stay consistent, and as a plus, I found purpose in pursuing a dream that I had in my heart for about 13 years… now known as Girl Fight!

My relationship with my boys, my closest friends and my honey bun are stronger than ever! I have my therapist and my closest friends and family to thank, but ultimately, I had to take responsibility for my own fight. I had to say enough is enough and own up to the fact that I needed a little extra help.

I found the courage to seek out the help that I had needed yet again and for that I am extremely proud! There’s no shame in owning your fight and seeking the aid that you need. All great fighters have a support system (a corner man, a coach, and a trainer) In fact, it takes a strong amount of courage and a lot of guts to do so in my opinion! And if I can win My Girl Fight… so can you!

Now… who’s ready to get their Girl Fight on?!

Kathy James

Founder of Girl Fight


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