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Young Women with Backpacks

Young Adults


"I want the young adult standing across from me, in person or virtually, to know that there is hope, healing, happiness, and success despite gender, race, culture, or circumstance!"

Kathy James

Life Skills Training

We now offer educational video recordings on a wide range of topics, including banking, human resources, and tax. Check out our latest interviews on our YouTube Channel HERE

Tax Income Reports


Free Ongoing one on one support, advice, and resources to help you develop. 

Young Businesswomen

Career Development

Learn the soft skills that employers desire in their candidates and increase your opportunities for advancement. I want to mentor you!

Colleagues Working Together

Adverse Experience Support

Allow us to be the listening ear and support you during challenging times.

Sad on Couch

Confidential Connections

We look forward to hearing from you!


What programs are you interested to learn more about? 

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College Friends
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